Are you thinking of moving?

Below we give you a list of advice to help plan and organise the removal.

• Check with a plumber/ electrician that everything is in order at your new home.
• If you are planning on decorating your new home, do it before the removal day.
• If you have carpets and rugs, take them to the cleaners before the removal.
• Change all the locks on entrances to your new home.
• Fumigate.
• Check the level of security of your new home and take the necessary steps to provide a good security system.

• Classify the objects, into categories of fragility and type of object.
• Make a list of packing priorities and make up a box of items you will need on arrival at your new home.
• Make a list with details of the objects in each box and keep this list in a safe place.
• Mark the boxes clearly with where the should be unpacked (kitchen, bedroom,etc).
• Obtain boxes, tape and paper etc. for delicate items.
• Seal in bags any objects that could spill and ruin other items.

Additional advice
• Wrap all fragile items to avoid breakages.
• Mix heavy items with lightweight so that the boxes are no to heavy.

Transportation of plants, leave these until the last moment and do not water them for at least 48 hours before the removal day.